Hi, I’m Tim.

Hi, I'm Tim.I’m into digital marketing. I use my diverse experience and strategies to build brands, drive traffic, and convert leads. Currently I do consulting, craft social media scripts, and work as a Digital Marketing Manager at Crane Renovation Group.

Digital Marketing Skills

  • Digital Strategy: I have the ability to mesh all concepts of digital marketing to achieve strategic success. I’m a problem solver, I know how the parts move and how to make them best mesh.
  • Social Media Marketing: following growth, expanding reach (both organic and paid strategy), viral strategy, influencer marketing, analytics. Experienced in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Reddit, Vimeo, Pinterest, and Snapchat for organizational use.
  • Search Engine Marketing (Traditional SEO/PPC): advanced knowledge of SEO ranking strategies and PPC campaign tactics. Proven examples with driving success.
  • Content Marketing: text/photo/video content creation, high quality link attraction, traffic driving to goals/actions, and analytics.
  • CMS & Design: WordPress, HTML, CSS, basic-workable PHP.
  • Software: Office (strengths in Word/Excel/PowerPoint), Photoshop CS6, Pinnacle Studio Ultimate, iMovie, Audacity.
  • Services: Google Drive, Office 365, Google Analytics, Google Font Library, Google Places for Business, Google Adwords, Google Adsense, Google Webmaster Tools, WordPress, bit.ly, SEMRush, Bing Places for Business, HootSuite, TweetDeck.

Things I Know

  • HTML & CSS: 5 years (WordPress based design).
  • Social Media Marketing: 3 years (Twitter/Facebook/Google+/Instagram/Pinterest/Tumblr/Snapchat and advertising extensions)
  • Community Management: 2 years (moderator of /r/frugalmalefashion, /r/marketing, /r/webmarketing, /r/askmarketing, /r/content, /r/osu, /r/selfpromotion, and /r/linkbuilding). These combine for about ~3.5m pageviews per year.
  • SEO/PPC: 3 years (on-page, local, niche, structure, speed, Schema, off-page, competitive analysis, analytics/funneling/ROI), landing pages, CPL optimization, scalability, scripting/automation.
  • Copy: 2 years
  • Email Marketing: 2 years (Mailchimp, IFTTT, Aweber)
  • Landing Pages & Conversions: 2 years (WordPress/static+Optimizely)
  • Marketing Automation: 1 year (HubSpot, IFTTT with custom site monitoring, iMacros, basic Marketo)
  • Usability: 2 year (UX philosophies, online consumer behavior, analytical explanations, optimization, 508 compliance strategies)

What I’m Doing

Things I Used To Do