Tim Jessberger


I’m a junior at Ohio State studying Marketing and Entrepreneurship. I want to make a difference that matters. I like to create growth through connecting consumers with brands across different digital platforms and strategies.

Marketing Skills

  • Social Media Marketing: following growth, expanding reach (both organic and paid strategy), viral strategy, customer service, analytics. Experienced in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Reddit, Vimeo, Pinterest, and Snapchat for organizational use.
  • Search Engine Marketing (Traditional SEO/PPC): advanced knowledge of SEO ranking strategies and PPC campaign tactics. Proven examples with driving goal successes.
  • Content Marketing (“Big SEO”/Inbound): text/photo/video content creation, traffic driving to goals/actions, and analytics.
  • Digital Strategy: ability to mesh all concepts of digital/inbound marketing to achieve organizational, strategic, and philosophical goals.
  • CMS Oriented Design: WordPress, HTML, CSS, basic-workable PHP.
  • Software: Office (strengths in Word/Excel/PowerPoint), Photoshop CS6, Pinnacle Studio Ultimate, iMovie, Audacity.
  • Services: Google Drive, Office 365, Google Analytics, Google Font Library, Google Places for Business, Google Adwords, Google Adsense, Google Webmaster Tools, WordPress, bit.ly, SEMRush, Bing Places for Business, HootSuite, TweetDeck.

What I’m Up To

Summer 2014:

Previous Experience

Personal Interests

  • Sports: playing, news, recruiting (encyclopaedic knowledge), analysis, #HotSprotsTakes.
  • Tech: I’m a geek at heart (to be honest).
  • Music: big follower of the hip-hop/rap game, classical, and alternative.
  • TV: self-described TV snob. I have a love for high caliber TV.

Social Media, SEM, PR, Design