Get More Instagram Followers with this iMacro Like Script

Looking for one with less limits that works with Iconosquare? Check out my Iconosquare Auto-like script.

I came across the idea of automating the “liking” of Instagram photos earlier this week and have been fine-tuning my code. So far my dummy accounts have over 2800 targeted, organic followers. I’m to the point where my content is causing growth of 50-100 users per day and I don’t have to use the macro. Want an easy way to get more targeted Instagram followers? Here’s what you should do:

  • Download Firefox (Chrome seems to crash more)
  • Add iMacros to Firefox
  • Make a list of targeted, broad hashtags to like.
  • Find the hashtag in Webstagram (Google it, I’ve removed the link in case they get too much traffic from this post) and change the view to grid view (it won’t work in list view).
  • Run the iMacros script on loop mode (I run 35-100 loops at a time).
  • Post a photo for each hashtag you target. For instance, if I was targeted “#coffee” I would post a nice picture of a cup of coffee. People tend to like Instagram accounts they can relate to. Match content to your following.

About the script:

  • The script ignores any thrown iMacros errors
  • The script runs very fast, please read the disclaimer at the bottom.
  • The macro will not exceed 350 likes per hour by waiting one minute after each iteration of the loop (the limit for Webstagram)
  • Sometimes Webstagram will throw a bad gateway error, in which case you need to refresh or use a different hashtag. The script should auto-correct this via the refresh function.

Here’s the code:

The code is deprecated as of September 1st, 2015. Check out my Iconosquare like script to get more Instagram followers.

27 thoughts on “Get More Instagram Followers with this iMacro Like Script”

  1. Hey, man this is awesome, it works great!!
    Can I mention you and this trick in a future blog post?
    I had seen similar macros but they were outdated or simply didn’t work, these require constant updating…
    Are you a programmer?


    1. Go for it! Not a programmer, just a tinker-er. To give a bit of an update, I’ve doubled the wait time in between each loop since I’ve published this. My test account is closing in on 2000 followers but was banned for two weeks from liking via web platforms (third party sites) for two weeks last month.

  2. Were you still able to use your instagram account once you became banned or did it just not let you use it entirely for a few weeks?

    1. I was able to like/comment/share via the Instagram app, I just wasn’t allowed to like via Webstagram or Iconosquare (third party apps). I assume it was an API usage suspension for going too fast. I’ve since tuned it back by increasing the wait times.

  3. Hi,

    Thank you very much for this code.

    It only actually likes the 4th photo of the grid. Is this only happening to me?

    1. Hi Krypton,

      I find that an easy way to add the code to iMacros is to take one of their demo iMacros that you don’t use, right click->edit, copy and paste my code in, and save.


  4. thank you very much, i thought in the beginning this thing will never work and it’s gonna be another hard to do kinda steps, but actually it was more than easy and it WORKS… and for that sir, i thank you …

  5. Hello, I have bought 5 dolars to ‘Iconosquare Instagram Auto-like script’ and until now I did not receive any message from you.

    I would appreciate if you sent me the email asap


  6. Hey man, great article, thanks a lot. This script does for free what many startups will charge for. This is my first experience using iMacros . Good God, how did I not know about this before?

  7. Is there a way to structure the script so every photo in a hashtag is liked vs every other?

    Thanks and so happy I found this! Really neat.

  8. Thanks for this – I just tried replacing an existing .js file with this code, renamed and save.

    I’m getting a syntax error:

    SyntaxError: missing ; before statement, line 2 (Error code: -991)

    I’m sure it’s something basic I’m missing – any ideas?

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